All in all, there are 19 public playgrounds in Muurame, offering residents the chance to spend quality time together outdoors. The playgrounds also serve as places to pass the time and provide a safe environment for children of different ages to play.

The size and equipment of the playgrounds vary. The available equipment complies with the required safety standards. Each playground has an information board with the name and address of the playground, the contact details of maintenance staff and instructions in the case of an emergency.

Kinkomaa playgrounds on a map

Muurame playgrounds on a map

Jokipuisto is located in the centre at the end of the municipal office building, near River Muuramenjoki. The playground was built in 2004–2005 by the municipality itself. Playground equipment is available for children of various ages, and thanks to its central location, Jokipuisto also serves as a meeting place.

Hautalanmäki playing field and playground is a local sports and exercise venue next to Leikari daycare centre and school. It was completed in 2001 and back then, it was one of six piloted local sports and exercise venues in Finland. The starting points for designing the venue were: exercise throughout life, available to everyone who wants it, and spontaneous, self-directed, versatile exercise close to nature. The area includes a playing field, which serves as an ice-skating field in the winter, a play area for smaller children and a course where older children can do tricks. The nearby forest has trails and a short route with sawdust coating.

Ahvenlampi is a playground located in Kinkomaa, in the residential area of Ahvenlampi. The playground was built in 2013. Equipment is available for children of various ages. In terms of its location, the Ahvenlampi playground is peaceful and, especially in the summer, the neighbouring beach and beach volley court provide things to do for older kids as well.

There is no winter maintenance on the playgrounds of the municipality of Muurame!

Common rules for playground visitors:

  • Taking dogs or other animals to the playground is prohibited.
  • Trash should be put in the rubbish bin.
  • Everyone is welcome.
  • Remember to look out for smaller children.
  • You can notify the maintenance team of any broken equipment or structures; the contact details are on the information board.
  • Playing and having fun is allowed!