There are 12 public beaches in Muurame maintained by the municipality and they can be used by all residents. Muurame is located next to two large lake systems, Lake Päijänne and Lake Muuratjärvi. The water quality on the beaches is regularly monitored during the swimming season, which lasts from mid-June to the end of August.

View the summertime beaches:

  • Ahvenlampi
  • Hautalahti
  • Isolahti
  • Keinolanniemi
  • Kinkomaa
  • Kotiranta
  • Kylänlahti
  • Pitkälä-Hongisto
  • Rantauimola
  • Riihiniemi
  • Verkkoniemi
  • Vuorenlahti


A map (JPG) of the beaches in Muurame can be found  here

A map (JPG) of the beaches in Kinkomaa can be found  here