Aallotar Swimming Pool and Gym

Fully renovated in 2015, the public indoor swimming pool and gym of Muurame is located only 15 km away from Jyväskylä. There is a 25 m fitness swimming pool with four tracks and exceptionally warm water (+28 degrees) and a 6 x 7 m children’s pool where the water temperature is +31 degrees. The fitness pool is 1.2–1.8 m deep and the children’s pool deepens gradually from 0–0.8 m.

The facility organizes instructed water aerobics, water groups for children and swimming instruction for both children and adults. Customers may freely use our aqua jogging belts and swim training aids, and there are swimming floats and toys for children at the children’s pool.


Nisulantie 5
40950 Muurame


+35814 659 250